Forward Thinker

I’m a strong believer that collaborating and working as a team toward the goal of implementing innovative concepts will keep you growing as a company. Creativity plays an important function in business.

Problem Solver

Design solutions are found by being both resourceful and analytical. The best solutions are visual representations of information culled from data, combined with what we know will create a great user experience.

Knowledge Support

Learning is contagious, it’s important for teams not only to teach each other workflow but for individuals to also seek out new design trends, technology and techniques in order to grow together.


Artist at Heart

I’m passionate about fine art and pop art culture. I currently show my work in numerous downtown Los Angeles art galleries. I love studying art, traveling and experiencing new culture.



I was born in San Fernando, California, into a big, creative family that shared a great passion for art. At an early age I was influenced and mentored by artists within my community. My passion started with traditional art: sketching, life drawing, oil and acrylic painting, freehand illustration, sculpting and mural painting and grew into graphic design as technology progressed and the demand for digital art grew with it. Traditional art has given me an edge when it comes to concept design because I can easily sketch out ideas to help me find a design solution before I utilize time on the computer. Sketching ideas on paper or white boards gives employers a quick visual aid when attempting to envision a design solution. I enjoy consulting with small businesses to help them develop creative marketing strategies and love watching them succeed.

I’m a firm believer that it’s easy to recognize bad design, but good design is something you feel. It just feels right. If I can create a design that captures an audience’s attention long enough to get a specific message across then I have done my job. I’m passionate about details and craftsmanship. My approach combines conceptual thinking with strong typography and imagery, creating beauty with simplicity.