The Challenge

To re-design a website that has been a staple in the medical apparel industry but has lacked technological growth or eCommerce advancements for the past 5 years. To migrate a product library of over 200,000 products from one platform to another without effecting sales. To convince investors that efforts towards a re-design are key to business stability and growth. To accommodate a growing trend toward mobile traffic and optimization.

The Solution

Design a website on a robust platform and give allheart a new overall clean, minimal look with a white, grey and red color scheme. The concept was to create a bright and white site template to resemble a hospital’s cleanliness. This allows bright product colors to appear more vibrant and appealing and metallic and dark colors to appear sharper. The next step was to design a mobile version of this concept and continue with the new style guide throughout the category pages, brand pages and product pages. The new site design would serve as a style guide for all marketing content channels to help re-brand allheart.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Mobile Site Boosted Sales By 20%

Mobile Design

Designed a mobile version of our desktop site for easy browsing and shopping by eliminating information where possible and delivering information on a mobile UI for a more intuitive browsing and purchasing experience. Cut out site features to optimize mobile performance and delivered a new set of mobile specific content that is smaller in file size and designed for easy readability.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Developed new publishing controls for better site control and scheduling, and easier site and product management. Utilized team project software to maximize team cooperation and goal achievement. Developed new tracking features to get more insight on the allheart customer

Extensive Demographic Studies

Shifted our creative direction to appeal to a more narrow demographic. Used site customer behavioral data to concentrate our efforts where they would be most effective.

  • Increased Mobile Sales 20%
  • Increased Website Traffic 25%
  • Increased Conversion Rate 8%
  • Increased Email Subscribers 15%

The Results Were Amazing

Within a years’ time we saw a growth in business, site traffic, conversions, email subscribers and a drop in bounce rates. Listening to customers and creating the tools to track customer behavior was key in the decisions that went into the site re-design. As a result the company had its best fiscal year since it started.

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