The Challenge

To create a lingerie store/brand identity from scratch that is like nothing else in the U.S. The store’s concept is an environment in which a woman would feel comfortable, not pressured and always ‘at ease’ while enjoying a luxurious lingerie shopping experience.  At Les Boudoirs, a woman can explore a world of lingerie from practical to ‘sexy come hither’.


The Solution

Create luxurious and detail-oriented marketing collateral, website, marketing copy, social media, and advertising content. I created a style guide with two simple yet elegant key elements, metallic gold and eggplant purple. Inspired by the renaissance period and European décor. I designed an overall theme for Les Boudoirs that consisted of  gold foil stamp letter embossed print, textured eggplant paper, gold rope and fringe accents, European textile patterns and dark elegant accent colors. The main font used is an elegant serif typeface with a complimentary long, tall and easy to read san serif typeface.

Logo Design

I narrowed down 12 hand drawn logo concepts to 8 digital re-creations and presented 6 logos for the client to critique. 4 new concepts were made, then narrowed down to two selections which I then combined into the finished product. The goal was not only to make an aesthetically pleasing logo, but one that was also functional when re-sized or converted into 1 color.  Once approved, I made 3 versions: the standard version, a rectangle version and a small square version to suit any scenario for logo placement. Lastly, a tag line was created and trademarked to provide clear messaging: “Let Your Lingerie do the Talking”

Business Card Design

Designed sleek, elegant, one-sided business cards on textured eggplant card stock. The card features a raised gold hot foil stamp metallic embossed imprint with metallic gold card information. It’s smooth to touch with a subtle raised feel over the logo to provide a lasting impression at first touch. The logo and card information is highly reflective, providing high contrast in any type of lighting.

Web Design

Designed a website to compliment both the prestige, luxurious, designer lingerie the store carries and the luxurious European decor throughout the store’s interior.  It features the gold and purple colors combined with macro photography and video treatment throughout the site. The concept was to capture not only the overall breath-taking design of the store but also to capture the design details to give the user a closer, more personal sense of the Les Boudoirs experience. The site is designed with an elegant, smart header and footer that is easy to navigate. The site is fully responsive with wide desktop, standard, tablet and mobile phone content breaks for an effortless and optimal user experience that is as elegant as the store itself.

Magazine Print Ads

Designed print ads for magazines circulating in the Westlake Village area: 805 living Magazine, Westlake Malibu Magazine, Calabasas Style magazine, Hidden Hills Magazine, Westlake Magazine and more.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Set up email list management software and created HTML templates for company newsletters, event notifications and general client tracking. Email templates feature responsive, mobile-friendly designs to coincide with current email trends.