Street Wear Branding

Artist driven brand, created by artist for artist.

Branding built on Lifestyle.

Designs geared towards artist and artistic expression for a niche market.

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Urban Photography and Media Content

Urbane Street setting photography and media content designed for a youth demographic

Event Sponsorship and Paticipation

Event sponsorship and participation to raise brand awareness. Join community events, art shows, dance compositions and partner with events that promote art, culture and fashion.

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Logo Design

Design a logo that has elements of traditional art and graphic design that is easy to read and identify.

Graphic T-Shirt Line

A graphic tee shirt line full of detail and color, designed by fine contemporary artist. Made in the US and hand printed on premium garments to provide top quality. Released in limited runs to build a want and need.

Artwork Color Separation and Screen Prinitng

Spot color separated all artwork using illustrator or Photoshop for screen printing. Converted all artwork from hand painted creatives to digitally printed film negatives for screen printing process. Setup color screens on screen printer machine and hand printed each tee shirt design to use as a master.




Museum/Gallery Curator

Curated art shows to feature Soul Driven sponsored artist in venues throughout Los Angeles. Designed press releases, fliers, HTML emails and Advertisements to promote Soul Driven Art shows to create brand awareness and artist recognition.



Web Design

Designed a website to appeal to artists and art culture enthusiasts. The site has artist portfolios and blogs to inform the target audience of new events and design releases. The site also has an eCommerce section.

eCommerce Design

Designed an eCommerce store that reflects the Soul Driven Brand. Website features tee shirt product pages with detailed product images, zoom features and descriptions. Shopping cart checkout is available with credit card processing.